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What People Say About Us

Ginger Johnson
Utah, USA
"To be able to know that I can have these events and messages sent directly to my loved ones whether I am gone or not is such a blessing"

Denise DeGuzman

Mesa, Arizona, USA

"…I've set up an account for my 10 month granddaughter. I will make sure that she knows that she was loved from when she was born."

Dia Bengochea

Massachusetts, USA

"This is the best idea I have ever heard. I would love nothing more than to hear my grandfather again. I will do this as I hope that my family will do so to for the children. Amazing!"

Julie Dotseth

Santa Rosa, California, USA

"I think this is 1 of the best idea's I've seen in a long time. A wonderful way to be able to express your feelings to loved ones...Maybe things you always wanted to say, but couldn't for 1 reason or another. I love this idea. Thank You!"

Dr. Bret Shupack

Seattle, Washington, USA

"I love the SafeBeyond service and use it to record messages for my children. Knowing that my thoughts and love will be there for them in the future is emotionally invaluable"

Sondra S. Newman

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

"This is a lovely, caring, compassionate service. Thank you, SafeBeyond, for this service"

Vicki Knapp

Boise, Idaho, USA

"I think being able to leave messages for friends and loved ones or a person's children is awesome"

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