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Sydney Sanders
Age: 68
Status: Married with 2 children

Sydney will be 68 this year and has been married to her husband, Joseph, for 50 years. They live in Alabama, and love to visit their two children, Andrew and Kimberly, who each have their own families and live out of state. Sydney and Joseph love to travel. They recently purchased an RV to travel throughout the United States. They share mutual hobbies, including learning about new technologies and gadgets. This hobby helps them communicate with both their children and grandchildren, whether by using their mobile phones or their tablets. Despite often being on the road, Sydney and Joseph always make sure to speak with their children at least twice a day. They speak at least twice a day, no matter the distance. Sydney often thinks about what will happen when she will no longer be around.


“In her shoes”- Creating Christmas spirit when you’re gone


At one of their favorite caravan camping sites, Sydney met Hanna, who told her about SafeBeyond. At first she smiled and told her friend that she plans to be around for a long time. "A positive attitude is what’s important", she said with a wink. However, after giving it some further thought, Sydney realized that she should be both positive and practical, and start preparing her legacy. With SafeBeyond, Sydney can continue to provide advice and love to her family and friends long after she is gone.


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