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Steve Morgan
Age: 61
Status: Married plus 4 children

Steve is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. His wife, Judy, is 57, and together they have four children and two grandchildren. Steve's doctor described to him what he could expect as the disease progressed. He explained that symptoms would include the deterioration of Steve's memory. Because of this, Steve's doctor recommended that he begin to organize his affairs and document his wishes so that his family could best assist him as his health detriorated. He also referred Steve to the SafeBeyond platform, explaining that the service would allow him to leave an "emotional will" for his loved ones, and record messages that would remind them of the man they knew.


A man diagnosed with Alzheimer's leaving a farewell message 


Steve felt relief when he found out about SafeBeyond, because he felt that by using the service, he could remain a part of his family's life and be emotionally present for significant future events. 
His two eldest daughters, Heather (33) and Nicole (31), are already married and have their own families. Both live far away from their parents, in Chicago, Illinois. Heather and her husband, Jason, have one daughter, Madison, who is four years old. Nicole and her husband, John, have a three year old son, Daniel.

Steve’s 19 year old son, Justin, withdrew from his college studies in order to take over the family business. Dan, his youngest son, was 12 when Steve's illness was diagnosed, and thus much of his childhood was consumed with concern for his father. Steve passed away when Dan was only 16. This year, Dan will graduate from high school. He is very sad that his father will not be with him to experience this special milestone, but he knows that his father left him a message for this special day on the SafeBeyond platform, as he did for the rest of the family as well.


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