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Sophia Roberts
Age: 60
Status: Married
Sophia is 60 years old and happily married to Harry. They both live in Los Angeles, California with many family members close by. They moved to California when Sophia was offered a position as a professor of literature at Pepperdine University. They made this transition seamlessly, and especially enjoyed being closer to their family, many of whom live in the Los Angeles area.

Sophia has been a heavy smoker since she was a teenager. Over the years, she began to experience health problems, including trouble breathing and horrible coughs during the night. Last year, during her annual checkup, her doctor observed what he thought might be symptoms of cancer. A month later, and after a series of intensive tests, Sophia was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. Her doctors advised that chemotherapy would be the best method of treatment for her and recommended that she stop smoking immediately. She now undergos chemotherapy twice a week and has joined a support group to help her quit smoking. In her support group, she met Michael, who also suffers from lung cancer. Michael advised Sophia to check out the SafeBeyond platform.


A lung cancer survivor’s last message to her friends


At first, Sophia felt uncomfortable thinking about a future in which she wasn't physically present. However, when she thought of her family and what she would leave behind, her feelings changed and she began to use SafeBeyond. Though she doesn’t have kids of her own, Sophia's nephew, Fred, is very dear to her and she thinks of him like a son. She started thinking about what would happen if the chemotherapy didn't work, and if her cancer were to spread to other parts of her body. She couldn’t bear the thought of not being present for her nephew’s major life events, and therefore started leaving messages and videos for him and her other loved ones. During Sophia's treatment and healing process, Harry has provided her with unwavering love and support. She therefore wanted the chance to thank him as well, and created a new safe for him on SafeBeyond that included many messages and special moments of gratitude.


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