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Sara Williams
Age: 29
Status: Married

Sara has been married to Daniel for two years. After a year of struggling with infertility, Sara went to the doctor for a checkup. During the examination, the doctor discovered a lump in her breast and subsequently diagnosed her with breast cancer. Sara is young and healthy, so the doctors are very optimistic about her chances of making a full recovery. Going through these difficult times made Sara reflect on her relationship with her family. Throughout her life, Sara did not get along very well with her father and there were periods during which they did not communicate with each other for several years at a time. However, Sara does have a very close relationship with her mother and sister, both of whom have been by her side throughout her treatment process. Sara's friends are also surrounding her with love and are actively assisting in her recovery. Understandably, Sara has become wary of her mortality and is anxious to share all of her thoughts and feelings with her friends and family. She does not want to leave anything unsaid in the event that her treatment is unsuccessful.


A woman diagnosed with breast cancer’s Farewell


Sara understands how fragile life can be. She knows how quickly life can change and she now feels the need to explain to her loved ones how important it is to treasure every precious moment that life has to offer. Even the small things that don't seem important have value and can sometimes have the biggest impact.


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