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Miguel Alvarez
Age: 80
Status: Widower with 3 children

Miguel's wife, Eva, passed away a year ago at the age of 78. Miguel and Eva lived together for 60 years and shared many momebts of happines, which included a journey to a new country. Miguel and Eva immigrated to Los Angeles from Mexico when they were young and built a wonderful family over the years. They have three successful children: Anjel, Carmen, and Fernando. Their children have turned into parents themselves and Miguel now has nine grandchildren.


“Reveal the Secret”- Miguel’s Famous Burrito Recipe


Anjel, the eldest son, and his wife Maria have four children: Reuel, Jonathan, Carlos, and Sophia (they finally had a girl!).
Fernando and Gabriela have two children, two boys: Carrie and Jose (the youngest in the family).
Carmen, the youngest, and her husband, Carlos, have two older daughters: Alexa and Karen.
Miguel worked very hard his whole life in the food industry. He advanced little by little from a dishwasher to a head chef, in a well-known restaurant. Since Eva passed away, Miguel has been retired. His days have become longer and less productive as he stays at home alone. Eva was very ill and was on bed rest for the last year of her life, so Miguel took care of her every day. He misses her very much, and is concious that the time will soon come when they will be reunited.

His son bought him a tablet for his birthday, and every day Miguel records messages for his family members. He feels that the SafeBeyond platform is very easy to navigate, especially for someone his age. SafeBeyond provides Miguel with peace of mind, as he knows a part of him, including his Mexican traditions, will be left behind when he passes. Now all of his grandchildren and future generations to come will have him alongside them, through important and meaningful times.


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