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Mark Green
Age: 35
Status: Married with 2 children
Mark is a Major in the U.S. Army, he has been serving for over a decade.

For the last two years, Mark has been stationed in Iraq. When Mark goes out on dangerous missions, he knows that he is fighting for his childrens future and for a better world. Mark believes wholeheartedly in the purpose of his missions, although sometimes fears ans acknowledges that his work may cost him his life.


A military Major’s last words to his wife


Mark is married to Helen. They have two children, Liam (5) and Emily (2). When Mark is not overseas, he lives with his family on the military base in Jacksonville, Florida.
Living on the base gives Helen a sense of security when Mark is away for long periods of time.
Since Liam and Emily were born, Mark has worried about the possibility of his children growing up without a father.

SafeBeyond provides Mark with peace of mind while he is away on missions because he knows that no matter what happens to him, his children will grow up hearing from him on important occasions in their lives.


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