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Emma Reynolds
Age: 25
Status: Single

Emma is 25 years old and is a star in the surfing world. She was born with a great love for the sea, and at the age of eight, she moved with her family to Hawaii, where her passion developed even further.  From the moment she was given her first surfboard, it was clear she had a natural talent. In no time at all, she began participating in local youth competitions, and by the age of twelve, she was winning gold medals across Hawaii. At sixteen, she started competing professionally. She competed nationally and earned many trophies for her talents. Emma is a strong and positive role model for her fans. She has a large social media audience, including over a million followers on Twitter. The support of Emma's fans and her love for sport encourage her to push her limits, seek out the greatest waves, ans continue to break surfing records arround the world.


“Living on the Edge”- A surfer’s inspirational msg


Emma initially heard about SafeBeyond through Heather, who she met at a surfing competition. Heather had lost an arm in a shark attack. Despite this tragic event, Heather continues to surf and doesn’t make any excuses. As such, she is an inspiration to Emma. After meeting Heather, Emma began to consider the danger involved in her career and the risks she faces on a regular basis. In these situations, you don’t always have control of what could happen, she realized. Despite the harmony and peace that the ocean provides her, Emma acknowledged that her extreme surfing could be potentially very dangerous. She had experienced close calls before. She gets goosebumps just thinking about these dangerous situations and their possible outcomes. Emma, has lots of energy and a positive attitude in life, and the possibility of danger, will not stop her from living on the edge.


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