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Billy Wallace
Age: 24
Status: Single

Billy will turn 24 years old in a month. He has his whole life  in front of him. Billy recently got accepted to UCLA, mostly due to his football skills. He had a bright future in the Browns as a quarterback. When one day everything ended. Billy collapsed during practice and was sent to the hospital, where they discovered a genetic flaw in his heart. This flaw meant he could no longer play  football and much worse, that his life was in critical condition. Since his condition is so severe he isat the top of the transplant list. A matching heart could possibly grant Billy a long and healthy life. Billy is optimistic, but it hurts him to see his mother and sister’s pain and suffering. His father doesn’t show any emotion, but Billy knows how important his football career was for him.


A Best Man’s Last Words


Billy came across SafeBeyond by accident. He did not relate to the concept in the beginning, but over time he realized what his death could result in, if things didn’t get any better. He decided that he would like to take part in important and symbolic future events within his family; For example his sister’s wedding, his hard working fathers retirement party, and in the future holiday traditions, like when his mother and him decorate the Christmas tree together.

With minimum effort on his side, Billy saw the potential SafeBeyond’s service had towards a secure and emotional future for his family, in any outcome that would occur.


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