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Why is it important to leave digital assets?

Why is it important to leave digital assets?

In modern times, we all accumulate digital assets rapidly: e-mail accounts, social network accounts, digital information storage accounts and more.

Thanks to technological progress, most of us generate a great deal of information on digital media – clips, audio files, pictures, blogs and digital documents – some are stored on our personal computers and some are stored on corporate servers (physical or cloud-based platforms)

All aforementioned information is left unprotected after we die. Information for which there are no standard access measures and which may be transferred to your replacement, could be lost forever on the net and all of the work and effort invested in creating the information – which may be valuable to our loved ones – will be lost, since our heirs will not have access to it and/or will never know that it existed.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that our digital content, if subjected to proper SafeBeyond measures, can be wisely split/shared among heirs, based on their suitability and the user’s discretion.

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