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What is the role of the trustee?

What is the role of the trustee?

The trustee whom you appoint for all of the digital asset safes or passwords that you leave for your heirs (you may appoint different trustees for different heirs, if you choose to) has several roles. First, he or she may notify us of your death Afterwards, the trustee is responsible for releasing the messages that you left, which are not automatically released by triggers that you defined (messages relating to future events with no predetermined date or location) and which he or she decides to release before such triggers, based on his or her discretion.

In addition, he or she is responsible for releasing messages left for a minor heir – applying his or her discretion after viewing the message as to whether it is appropriate to release each of the messages when their time comes.

Furthermore, the trustee is SafeBeyond’s contact person where you or any of your heirs are unavailable.

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