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The Importance of Our Memories

Death has a funny way of showing you the meaning of life. When my dad died unexpectedly, one of my first instinct was to write everything down. I did not want to forget the funny stories of my dad’s childhood, my parents beautiful love story, the late night runs to get Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream and all the Beastie Boys songs we would jam out in the car together. I want to be able to tell my future children everything about my dad. Sure photos would show my dad’s brown eyes, his tan skin and his cheesy smile, but it wouldn’t tell them who he was. 


Our memories are everything. Memories make us who we are. There are times throughout my day I wish I could ask my dad something. I would give anything to call him and ask him why is my car making a funny noise or what was going through your mind when you saw mom walk down the aisle? Are you excited for me to get married? Who was your idol growing up? 


Although I won’t get answers to these questions any time soon, it made me realize I want to be able to tell my story to the ones I love. I want my mom to know that it was me who filled the vodka bottle with water… sorry Mom. If I can’t be at my children’s weddings, birthdays or another important event; I want to be able to say how proud of them I am! And there is just no way I can’t leave behind a joke or two for my three outstanding brothers. 


SafeBeyond has created a world where our memories don’t leave when we do. We are able to record all the things we want to say to the ones we love. I can tell my future nephews and nieces embarrassing stories of my brothers, that I just know they won’t be telling them. I can tell the love of my life how he gave me a lifetime of adventures, and I will find him in every lifetime. SafeBeyond allows us to be a part of our loved ones lives, even when we are no longer here. Photos can’t tell the same stories our memories can.

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