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Posthumous Messages Deliver From Beyond the Grave

The digital age allows for great possibilities and one of these is posthumous messages. There is a true story where a dad who was dying of cancer wrote napkin notes to his daughter and put them in her lunchbox. He wrote enough notes to last until she graduated from high school. These became meaningful inspiration to his daughter. His idea was inspirational to others as well. Posthumous messages are of a similar genre. You can create messages to be delivered after you are gone, and which will provide inspiration to those who follow you.

These messages can be inspirational. They can also be practical. What if you will not live to see your child graduate from high school or college?  Yet, there might be some part of the family business that you want to discuss with him. Or, there might be some other business-related message you might want to convey. Perhaps you simply want to convey some of life's wisdom, but your child is not yet mature enough to understand.  Posthumous messages allow age-appropriate information to be delivered long after you are gone.

If you are an industry leader, posthumous messages allow you to share business acumen from beyond the grave. Think about how often people go to YouTube to see talks or speeches that were delivered generations ago. The fact is, wisdom does not go out of style.

Then again, there might be something a little more edgy that needs to be said. For example, who really killed JFK? That kind of information never goes out of style, and the fact is, you might not be able to deliver it while you are living or it might hasten you to an early grave.

Posthumous messages offer all kinds of possibilities. Contact us and we can show you how to set them up and how to put them in a will.

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