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Messages for the life of those you love

When a loved one passes on, there is a period of mourning and then recovery. The anguish is not only the loss, it is the sudden and irrevocable nature of the loss which causes the most pain. It is the knowledge that you will never be able again to communicate with that loved one in their own unique way. SafeBeyond make that loss a little less painful by preparing messages for that special someone to receive after you are gone.

You make a will because you have very specific ideas about how your property should be allocated after your death. You do this because you care, and the extra effort is a positive step and statement to insure that the people you love are taken care of after your death. SafeBeyond is another expression of that same concern and caring which leads you to think about your assets and to prepare a will.

With SafeBeyond you create messages to be delivered to your loved one on a schedule of your choosing. You may not be able to be there for your child's wedding day, graduation or other major life event, but your child will know that you wished them all the best in life and that you made the effort you record that feeling for them in advance.

Your perspectives are unique, as is your style of delivery, your sense of humor, facial expression and voice. It is one thing to have some say that you would have been proud and happy, it is another thing entirely when you can record the message yourself. It means more still that you thought of them before yourself, and that you went the extra mile to tell them that personally.


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