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Make Your Video Will in 3 Easy Steps: Last Will and Testament in the Digital Age

Do you recall the recurring theme in movies where someone absurdly rich dies and then their family is surprised by their video will?

From revealing a secret love child, divvying up a hidden fortune, or admitting an unexpected inheritance, the theme of video wills isn't anything new. If you’re like most people, you’re probably not exposing any big secrets in yours, but you would like to have a video will. This ability for anyone to create a video will, not just the super rich, is something new made possible by technology.

SafeBeyond’s unique platform gives anyone the ability to make a video will. And here is your complete guide!


Step 1: Make Sure You Have a Legal Will

Do you want this video to be your last will and testament or just a fun way to say goodbye?

Doesn’t matter what your answer is, we advise you to complete a written will in conjunction with your video will.

Why do a written will and a video will?

-    The legality of video wills varies on a state level

-    You may need a signed document to accompany your video will that fulfills the legal requirements of a will

-    Wills are complicated, and you want to be 100% sure your wishes will be carried out


If you can’t afford a lawyer, ask yourself: Can you afford to have your will declared invalid and the default judgments of your state implemented? Will friends and family have a reason to contest? They certainly will if you don’t make a clear and legal will. And for folks on a budget, there are DIY wills and local volunteers to help you with yours depending where you live.

At SafeBeyond we believe that money shouldn't stop you from doing a video will, which is why we offer numerous free services, including a basic video will.

One of our customers, Lucy B. gives this wise advice, “Use the video will as a place for you to do your emotional explaining, not your legal explaining. I have peace of mind because the legal papers cover me legally, and I can use the videos for what I want and not have to worry if they’re legal.


Step 2: Planning Your Video Will

After speaking with your lawyer or doing your DIY written will, you can start the fun part - creating your video will. At SafeBeyond we believe that everyone deserves a video will and that the technology to make it should be free and easy to use.

Getting ready is as easy as 1-2-3

1.    Write your scripts

2.    Gather a tablet or smartphone

3.    Record & store in a SafeBeyond safe

Yep, that’s it! You don’t need a fancy camera or professional production company to do your video will.

Meredith J. who suffers from breast cancer, wanted to leave more than just material things; she wanted to leave memories too:

I made a written will, but it seemed so cold and unfeeling. To bring some of my own personality into my end of life planning, I made a video will to go with it. One video that was important for me to make was one to my sister Bette and her (grown) daughter Kimberly.

I’m leaving Kimberly my vintage Barbie doll collection, so I made a video with the dolls and told her a story about when she was little and we used to play with them together. In the SafeBeyond “safe” for Kimberly, I added another video of pictures of me and her mom playing with the Barbies when we were girls. It puts a more personal touch on my written will that’s fitting with the modern world.

Another client Robert G., who is currently in the military, writes that the reading of his will is going to be a big surprise:

My wife doesn’t know it, but I still have money in a trust from my grandfather when he passed away. I can’t touch it until I’m 35, so I didn’t tell my wife about it. The trust isn’t huge, but it’s enough to cover college for our two kids. I know if I died she’ll be relieved to hear about it, but I want to tell her ‘in person’ through a video.

Time and time again we hear the emotional benefits both for the person creating their video will and for the people who have the privilege of seeing their loved one in videos after their death.


Step 3: Finishing Up Your Video Will

Now that you have your videos, it’s important that the recipient gets them at the right time. The old way of doing things was that videos were played at the reading of the will. We’re here to change that.

Your video will is not just a one-time thing anymore.

With Safe Beyond, your “video will” is more like an ongoing video legacy. Plan to release some videos after you pass away. Keep others for special occasions, like birthdays. One of the most amazing thing SafeBeyond lets you do is to release videos for events that are not yet scheduled.

One customer related, “I want to be a part of my grandkids’ lives after I’m gone. I don’t know if I’ll make it to the big events in their lives - they’re so little now. I’ve got five grandkids. That’s a lot of birthdays, graduations, and weddings! Making these videos has become a part of my routine, and it keeps me from being depressed as I’ve been losing a lot of friends in my community lately. It’s an enormous relief.”


Conclusion of Video Wills

Creating a video will is easy, free, and can give you the ability to stay involved in the lives of your friends, family, and loved ones after you’re gone. At Safe Beyond, we believe that there’s more to video wills than just giving your loved ones left behind videos. We’ve organized our system to give you the opportunity to offer the right message at the right time, even after you’re gone.

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