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Communicating With Your Loved Ones From Beyond

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? You've thought about the things and people that matter most to you. If you've written a will, you've carefully planned what you will leave to each of them. In some cases, however, you can't say all the things that you want to say with a public will. Want to communicate a private message to your loved ones after your death? Consider a message after death program that will allow you to speak a final, private message to the people who matter most to you.  

Share a Final Message

If you could remind the people that you love most of one last thing, what would it be? What would you say to your spouse? What would you write for your children? Thanks to SafeBeyond, you have the ability to compose that message.  

Tell your spouse that you love them and that you were grateful to have a lifetime to spend with them. Reminisce over favorite memories that will make them smile. Express the importance of some little thing that they might not even remember that they did. Share your heart one last time.

In some ways, your children will benefit even more from that last message. Many children cherish their parents' last words, and through SafeBeyond, you have the ability to provide the kind of message that your children can hold on to. Tell them that you're proud of them and their accomplishments. Highlight the things that you've always appreciated most about each of your children. Say all those personal, private things that it was so hard to say face to face.  

You may also have a friend who would benefit from a special message. Maybe it's a reminder to your best friend that she said she'd take care of your children, or that he said he would look after your wife if something happened to you. Whatever it is that matters most to you, you can put it in this message and equip your friend to handle it. 

Be There for Important Moments

There are events that you're going to miss as a result of your death, especially an early death.  What are the moments when your friends and family will miss you most?  If you could send an email to them at those moments, what would it say?

Through SafeBeyond, you have the ability to send those messages. You can let your daughter know that you're with her on her wedding day, or when her first child is born. You can tell your son that you're supporting him through the beginning of his new career. Obviously, SafeBeyond isn't psychic; but it can share those important messages that are so critical to your loved ones when they need them the most. You can send labeled emails: "Open on your wedding day." "Open when your first child is born." "Open when you miss me most." In the moments that matter most, even though you're gone, your loved ones will still know that you're with them. 

Allow Privacy

These last messages are precious. They're also very private. Your living relatives and friends might not want to share them. That's why email is the perfect tool. Your loved ones can read them at their convenience. They can print them, store them digitally, and come back to them again and again as they like--but they can also keep them private. No one has to know who you've sent those messages to. No one has to share their message from beyond. Sending your messages out of emails removes expectations and stress from your children, spouse, and other loved ones. If they want to share with one another, they can. Your message, however, isn't sitting out there for your entire family to see the moment your will is read.

Sending a last message to your loved ones is a beautiful gift for everyone concerned. You have the chance to say all the words that have never been said. They have the chance to receive a final blessing or to experience your heart one last time. These are gifts that are without measure. Give your loved ones the gift of an email after your death. They'll be glad you did.

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