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About Us

At SafeBeyond we recognize that everyone’s life story is unique and constantly affected by change. That’s why we have created the world’s most advanced ongoing legacy management service. Our platform provides an innovative online and mobile app solution for the easy and secure management of your life story and your meaningful digital content, with enhanced distribution capabilities for the future delivery of personalized messages, and digital assets. You decide when, where and with whom your messages and other digital assets will be shared.

Why SafeBeyond?


Emotional life insurance

share your story, feelings and meaningful moments with your loved ones


Guide your loved ones forever

share your words of wisdom in a safe place with advanced distribution capabilities


Store your passwords

ensure the private and secure transition of your online account passwords to your loved ones

Throughout our lives we mark the passage of time with significant life events such as birthdays, graduations, and weddings. While you can predict where and when these future events might take place, there is no guarantee that you will have the chance to attend those future events. SafeBeyond is a user-friendly time capsule that allows you to remain connected with your loved ones and be part of their lives for years to come.  

With SafeBeyond, you capture meaningful moments on the go, and share them with your loved ones in the future as video, audio, or text messages. SafeBeyond also allows you to organize and securely store important account and password information.

We guarantee that your words of wisdom, encouragement, and love will fill the void left by your absence at the moments and places loved ones need them the most – SafeBeyond serves as your “emotional life insurance”.


Moran Zur


The whole idea of SafeBeyond came from a place of need

Moran Zur, the founder of SafeBeyond, lost his father to cancer back in 2002. A few years later, when he was about to get married, the absence of his father was heartbreaking. This experience led him to seek a sustainable solution that allows people to remain in their loved ones' lives after their death, particularly at the most significant events and places in their future. The venture was on hold due to technological obstacles back in 2006. In 2012, Moran’s wife, Hila, was diagnosed with GBM – stage 4 brain cancer. This event led Moran to leave his position as the CEO of a big brokerage company to create SafeBeyond.


Our Office

Las Vegas

7582 Las Vegas Blvd Suite #102, Las Vegas, Nevada 89123


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